Super Popular Indian Kerala House Design -- Kerala design houses are eccentric and have stunning characteristics that are easy to remember. Here are some interesting Kerala home designs to emulate. Starting from the architecture and details, this 2-storey kerala house will be the perfect home with your family. For more details, check out Super Popular Indian Kerala House Design.

Modern architecture

Kerala houses that usually have traditional architecture attached can also be transformed into a more modern one using this design. The bold details with soft colors will make it more timeless. The size is still made spacious and you can use basic interiors, but you can change the face of the house to be more modern like this.

Small and clean

Next, it has a very simple and clean design that is followed by the size of the house which is not too big. Kerala houses with a small size are indeed more suitable with a minimalist style that makes the house look bigger, especially for the interior.

Warm house

Lighting is also an important aspect of Kerala homes as they are synonymous with a warm and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to the large windows that will emit optimal lighting, the addition of LEDs on the porch and exterior will be an interesting thing to apply.

Traditional style

The traditional kerala house design has this kind of architecture with a spacious size and has a roof elevation that divides the first floor and the second floor. There is usually a carport designed with a similar concept to the main building. Another important thing is that the construction of this house is built elevated so that it is safe from flooding.

Add freshness

The empty balcony on the second floor will be the most eye-catching exterior spot when adding some trailing plants as natural decorative accents. If you're a plant lover, this would be a great idea. However, make sure to choose plants that are suitable for your care and climate.





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