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HSdesain.com -- Kerala homes have a place in many people's hearts, making it a home design that is quite popular on social media. Many people feel that a kerala house is the perfect home and would love to build one. Some of these home design ideas will be suitable for you to make references when building a kerala house. Some details, check Popular Kerala House Design on Social Media.


 Garden on the yard

While Kerala house designs usually have a very large area of land, you can also build them in a small but beautiful size. An additional garden in the front yard will add beauty especially when designed with a good landscape. A kerala house will not only show the beauty of its architecture but also the freshness around it.

Warm house

Kerala homes are also often characterized by a warm look that uses a lot of natural materials such as wood. This is usually applied to the doors and windows consistently. Similar colors can also be applied to some areas such as poles or roofs.

One storey design

Not always two-storey, Kerala houses also have many popular single-storey house designs. For example, this one uses the addition of a high roof and an open balcony as a functional amenity.

Minimalist concept

To follow a more minimalist modern look, a kerala house with a similar concept can also be presented. Give the roof an elevation and make it look layered. However, use a simple building structure to make it more timeless.

Contemporary kerala house

 This last type of Kerala house is the most popular because of its distinctive structure with soft colors that are more contemporary. The use of a wide roof and distinguishing the first and second floors will make the house look more dimensional. This will be suitable for living with a big family.





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