Most Classy 3-Storey House Design, Awesome Neoclassical Style

Most Classy 3-Storey House Design, Awesome Neoclassical Style -- The classy look of a multi-level house brings harmony in an elegant and classy impression. Neoclassical style is often chosen because of its stunning results. The following Most Classy 3-Storey House Design, Awesome Neoclassical Style is a perfect example if you want a reference for your dream house. Check out the design details below!

Charming Exterior Design

Charming Exterior Design

Neoclassical style houses look charming with a harmonious blend of modern and classic architecture. Expressing splendor, the strong and balanced lines of the building are clearly visible on the facade. The use of large pillars is decorated with patterns on the top and bottom of the pillars. A harmonious combination of white, beige and black!

Magnificent Multi-storey House Design

Magnificent Multi-storey House Design

The following house looks expensive and impressive, with design highlights and intricate carvings on the main gate, doors, railings and walls. The roof uses a sturdy tile material in a striking blue-gray color that matches the white facade. 

Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

House Features:

Ground floor: 

- Bedroom.

- Living room combined with prayer room 

- Kitchen and dining area

- 2 bathrooms

First Floor Plan

1st floor: 

- 3 bedrooms, 

- 1 master bedroom 

- 4 ensuite bathrooms

- Hall

- family room

Second Floor Plan

2nd floor 

- 3 bedrooms

- 2 ensuite bathrooms

- lobby floor

- Balcony

Total estimated cost for completion is 2.8 billion VND

Living Room

Living Room

The living room looks luxurious with the use of real wood material accents in the interior to the furniture. This living room is also integrated with the prayer room, functional and beautiful. With its powerful look, you won't be able to look away!

Dining Room and Kitchen

Dining Room and Kitchen

The next room is the dining room and kitchen. Neat and organized design, we are still free to move even in the hallway-shaped room. The dining room is equipped with a table set and 6 solid wood chairs. And the kitchen is equipped with a kitchen set that is neatly arranged straight lengthwise, with ventilation to match.

Bedroom Idea


The last room is the bedroom. This bedroom is also very well decorated and organized. The combination of white, earthy tones, and a hint of luxurious gold, brings harmony to the interior. Each room is also equipped with large windows, which not only enhance the aesthetics but also provide natural light to create the ambience.

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