Minimalist Two-Storey House Design Perfect for Family

 HSdesain.comModern house built minimalist. Its modern design and prioritizing comfort, make this house suitable for living by family or alone.

Facade view

The minimalist appearance makes this two-story modern house suitable for urban areas. The design is simple, still paying attention to the side of beauty. So as to make the house look beautiful and chic.

Top view

Seen from above, this house is wearing a gable roof model. Also a flat roof for the carport section. You can use a transparent roof and grid so that the carport is not too dark and remains touched by light from the outside.

High window

To make it even slimmer, you can make the window in a vertical elongated design. This gives the impression of being slim and the house looks clean.

Carport area

The front area of the house is actually the front yard is made as a carport. It's okay, this is one way to get around a house built on limited land. You can make the carport protected by the roof to make the vehicle safer.

Mini side garden

While on the side of the carport, there is a small pieceland that you can use to create a park. Make a careful arrangement so that the garden looks chic and makes the atmosphere around the house feel fresh and calming.

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : bikry_architect

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