A Collection of Classic Houses Design 2024

HSdesain.com -- It's as if there's no shortage of classic homes to look at, making some of these design ideas very popular on social media. Most people make a classic house a dream that would be perfect to have. We all always hope to make it possible. This design idea might be a good reference for you. Check out A Collection of Classic Houses Design 2024.

Grand house design

This classic house design has a magnificent structure with 3 floors that have amazing details. Large columns dominate some parts, making it look very impressive. The gold details applied to the railings and lights add to the luxury of the house.

Large window

The next house design has a simpler look than the previous one. There are large windows that dominate several areas, making the house look elegant and the room brighter and more spacious.

Beautiful in white

This is also a very popular classic home design. How not, even though it only uses white color, this house looks very tempting. Large and tall pillars occupy 2 porches, namely the front and side. It will be very suitable to use a roof with a pyramid design.

Add semi-basement

If you want a slightly different design, this house with an additional semi-basement can be an interesting reference. There are stairs leading to the first floor of the house. The additional railing is very important to keep the porch safe and can be a family relaxing area with a perfect view.

Contemporary design

If you don't want a classic design that's too big, this could be an option. The smaller size of the house is combined with a slightly simpler structure by adding other color tones to make it more interesting. Additional down lights on the ceilings are one of the details that must be presented to make the house look magnificent.





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Author  : Hafidza
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Source : Modern House

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