Most Charming 158sqm One-Storey Classic Modern House Design and Plan

Most Charming 158sqm One-Storey Classic Modern House Design and Plan -- Who said that classic home designs must always be multi-floor and complex? Nowadays, classic modern house designs with a simpler yet elegant look are gaining popularity. The following Most Charming 158sqm One-Storey Classic Modern House Design and Plan is one example of how home design can be so attractive! Let's check out the full details below.

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

This one-story house amazes with its magnificent modern classic architecture. The eye-catching façade features a clean-looking white facade with stunning carved elements reminiscent of the Roman Empire. Two big pillars stand solidly on the terrace area. The windows and doors are more chic, with a minimalist modern style. What a perfect mix!

Exterior Design With Fence

Exterior with Fence

The fence is a vital component of the house. It not only gives a sense of security, but it also allows owners to maintain their privacy. This house has a simple fence, yet it still seems classical. The gate features a sliding door that saves space. The fence wall is made more beautiful by combining natural stones, wall mounted lighting, and flower beds. Gorgeous!

Roof Design

Roof Design

This house's roof design is simpler than its facade. The mix of gable and pyramid creates detailed curves that make it appear more modern. This kind of roof type is also quite easy to maintain, so it is often used in modern home designs. We can also see a cast canopy on the carport and the rear of the home, complete with a little skylight.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This is a simple floor plan. This house has the following facilities: 

- Land 10 x 23 m (230sqm) 

- Building Area 158 sqm 

- Carport and Garage 

- Terrace 

- Garden 

- Living Room 

- Family Room 

- Dining Room, Mini bar, Kitchen 

- Warehouse 

- Mushola 

- Laundry 

- 2 Bedrooms 

- 2 Bathrooms 

- 1 Toilet in the master bedroom

Interior Design

Interior Design

The house has a size of about 158sqm, which is sufficient but not too spacious. The white color plays a big role in making the house look clean and large. This house also has many large window and door openings. Besides the front garden, there is also a small garden at the back side, which is also a place to dry clothes. The perfect layout to make the room airy at all times.

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