Magnificent Two-Storey House with 5 Bedrooms in Classic Modern Style -- Some people prefer 2-storey houses that are more spacious and can provide more space for the various needs of family members. The following Magnificent Two-Storey House with 5 Bedrooms in Classic Modern Style is a valuable inspiration to try! Not only does it give you plenty of space, but it also looks eye-catching. Let's check out the full details below!

Who doesn't want a big house? I'm sure everyone does! If your house is big, you have more space for your belongings, furniture, and other decorations that you want to place as you see fit. You can utilize a lot of space for all the needs of you and your family.  

At first glance you will fall in love with this two-story majestic house. Not just because of its large size but because it is so gorgeous and looks so striking and luxurious. The cream-colored paint makes the exterior look divine. This is enhanced by the contrasting brown color used to paint the base, architectural features, and roof. It looks so eye-catching with its elegant modern classic style!

So, how much does it cost to build this house? Well, the construction alone will cost around US$140,000 or 7 million Philippine pesos. That's the estimated cost of building this house. But did you know, that finishing and furnishing can cost twice as much. It all depends on what kind of finishing you want for your home or what items you want to fill your home with. Either way, the majestic look of this home is well worth the price!

The floor plan looks well organized. Placement or location of each room is done strategically. If you want to change or modify the floor plan, you can do so without changing the exterior design. 

House Specifications: 

Two-storey house 

- 5 Bedrooms 

- Prayer room 

- 4 Bathrooms 

- Living room 

- Kitchen 

- Dining room 

- Porch 

- Garage/Carport 

Estimated Budget: USD 240,000 - 280,000 or Php12-14M

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : Pinoy House Plans

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