Fancy but Simple 2-storey Classic Modern House Design Ideas

Fancy but Simple 2-storey Classic Modern House Design Ideas -- Classic home design often draws attention due to its multiple features. This design tends to be one of the options that need perfection in order to create outstanding works of art! Classic designs can also be paired with a simple minimalist style, as seen in this Fancy but Simple 2-storey Classic Modern House Design Ideas. Let's explore the full details below!

Exterior Design

This house is visually appealing and easily recognized due to its classic architecture. Combined with the modern design, the exterior of this house appears more minimalist, with a smaller size than a mansion. 

The building's lines are smooth and complex, with natural stone details and carvings showing on the balcony railing, entryway, and walls; extremely stunning! This house is two floors, high and elegant, with its iconic mansard roof. 

Swimming Pool

This house also features a swimming pool in the back. It's rather spacious and might be a pleasant and soothing spot to spend quality time with your loved ones. The pool design features a skylight canopy, which keeps it safe and bright. The walls are stunning, with unique arches and natural rock accents that add an appealing natural feel.


It is missing if a multi-story house without a balcony or rooftop. This property features a large rooftop that may serve as a comfortable and relaxing space for a large group of people. The outdoor design exudes freshness, with slip-resistant and durable hardwood decking flooring.

Open Space

When you enter, you will see the main space shaped like a hallway. The open space design makes this place appear quite vast. This space may be utilized as a modest living room. Simply add a long sofa, a floor mat, and a table to make seating comfortable.

Center Room

This middle room appears to be rather big, making it suitable for use as a family room. The inside is modest but magnificent. This is due to the tidy wall molding, as well as the ceiling and lighting design, which appear modern and elegant. The white hue also helps to make this area appear clean and large.

Bedroom Ideas

This is the bedroom. It appears more comfy and warm. The floor use a hardwood floor theme that creates a cozy atmosphere. On the side, there are windows and wide glass doors that can be opened to access the balcony and make the bedroom feel more airy and fresh.

Bathroom Ideas

This classic modern house still has a luxurious and elegant impression even with its minimalist combination. The same goes for this bathroom. A unique design with simple monochrome colors. But the marble tiles transform this room into a more luxurious one! 

This bathroom is also fully equipped, with a separate shower area from the toilet. There is a comfortable bathtub for soaking, and refreshing ventilation.

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