Amazing One-Storey Modern House Design With Roofdeck and Pergola

Amazing One-Storey Modern House Design With Roofdeck -- House with roofdeck can be an alternative to making a small house more spacious. Roofdeck can be a versatile place in the house. The following Amazing One-Storey Modern House Design With Roofdeck can be an impressive idea to follow. Check out the full details below!

Front View

Front View

Front view, this house is so-impressive! The modern design with a simple boxy facade makes this house look unique and attractive. The bold lines of the building are beautifully complemented by the natural stone ornaments and the perfect wall lighting set-up. This house has a terrace and roofdeck for relaxing. This house is suitable for small families in the city.



The roofdeck design is a bit more unique. The roofdeck is equipped with a canopy roof, making it a comfortable patio for those who want to relax here. The design is shady and airy. It also comes with a beautiful and luxurious staircase access. The space-saving circular design looks gorgeous with the glass railing.

Roof Design

Roof Design

This is a top view of the house. The boxy facade design of this house has sloping roofs. The roof design is very minimalist, and also affordable. It also tends to be easier to maintain. In addition, there is also a cast roof that makes the house safer from leaks.

Big Windows

Big Windows

This modern house is also equipped with many windows. The large glass windows, with thin black frames, characterize what makes this house so elegant and luxurious. The large windows will also make the room brighter, so you can save energy!

Greenery Around 


Modern homes are also usually equipped with a green garden! No modern home is complete without a minimalist garden. This part of the yard is filled with green grass, with the addition of some neatly trimmed bonsai plants and shrubs. How refreshing!

House features:

- Two bedrooms

- Common toilet and bath 

- Living room 

- Small kitchen 

- Summit with pergola 

- Entrance and Terrace

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Author  : Rieka

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