5 Modern and Contemporary Exterior Home Design You'll Love

 HSdesain.comAre you looking for inspiration about home exterior design? That's exactly what you visited on this web. This time we will discuss the exterior design or façade of a house that has a modern, contemporary, and classic style concept. It's amazing, isn't it? Let's see the reviews and pictures below!

Classic house never die


Yes, exactly. Designs that have a classic style never die. Because of its sturdy and timeless design, making classic homes has many enthusiasts. The design, which has many unique patterns but is not too exaggerated, makes it an attraction for this classic style.

Moreover, the colors used are neutral or white to make the design of the house more clean and stylish.

Big pilar make a slim accent


Usually, classic houses use large pillars as support. Many types and models of pillars can be used for classic homes. The design of pillars that match the façade or large high windows will make the house model look more slim and minimalist.

Balance design of modern house with nature


It is very important to make the right design so that the dwelling feels more comfortable. Although the house is designed in a modern style or other style, you need to balance it with natural elements.

Such as the use of wood elements, plants, and so on. This can give the house an atmosphere that brings tranquility in addition to comfort.

Stunning lighting for contemporary house


One of the things that supports contemporary or classic homes to look attractive and stunning is the lighting factor. Not only install one lighting to illuminate the dwelling.

You need to install additional lighting such as lanterns or others according to the design and size of the house. This will make the house look bright at night.

Complete detail in 380 sqm neoclassic house


One of them is a beautiful neoclassical house with a size of 380 sqm. The stunning and minimalist appearance makes the house look comfortable and makes you feel at home. A house full of detail and a sturdy frame further strengthens the effect of a fancy and elegant dwelling.

Likewise, striking landscapes, spot-on lighting, and always well-thought-out entrances add plus points to the design of this one-story neoclassical house.

That's the 5 Modern and Contemporary Exterior Home Design You'll Love. Hope you like it!

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