2 Floors Modern Small House Design 8 x 8m with 3 Bedrooms and Roofdeck

2 Floors Modern Small House Design 8 x 8m with 3 Bedrooms and Roofdeck 

HSDesain.com -- Not everyone has enough land to build a home. But don't worry, with the correct design, even little space may be converted into a beautiful and pleasant house. House with 3-bedrooms might be ideal for small to medium-sized families. Like this 2 Floors Modern Small House Design 8 x 8m with 3 Bedrooms and Roofdeck below. Let's check it out!

Front View

Front View

Looks fantastic and stylish! The exterior is stunning, with a boxy design and an attractive combination of natural stone that gives a natural and inviting impression. The white and black hues match the natural stone and the green the surrounding area, making this house stand out. The glass window design with a thin black frame offers a stylish looks.

Roofdeck and Carport Design

Roofdeck and Carport Design

Having a small space won't limit what you can do. This house's two-story design makes the best use of the available area. A balcony to rest on? Carport for your favorite car? For sure, you can have it! 

This roofdeck has an open style and is used at the roof for the parking area. So, the carport will be safe. The decorative design of 2-way wall lights transforms a plain white wall into something stunning.

Rear View

Rear View

The house's rear view is very magnificent. This home has several windows with huge glass designs. This house has a balcony in both the front and back. There is also an exit door. All doors and windows use a sliding model that saves a lot of space. Oh, there's also an outdoor laundering facility in the back!

Roof Design

Roof Design

A flat roof is perfect for this small house. The simple look with the navy blue color used is very suitable and blends in with the elegant and modern white facade. It does not make this house look excessive. 

This roof is made wide enough and covers the entire house, except for the roofdeck or balcony. Of course, because we want an outdoor balcony area. With a roof that is wider than the building, it makes the house safe from weather threats and leaks.

Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

This house has 2 floors with a building size of 8 x 8 meters, or has a total floor area of 128 Sqm. Has complete facilities, very suitable for a family, with the following size details:

Ground Floor 

       - Car Parking: 18 Sqm

       - Living Area: 15 Sqm

       - Dining Area : 9 Sqm

       - Kitchen room : 5 Sqm

       - 1 Bath room : 3 Sqm

       - Laundry room : 3 Sqm

First Floor Plan

First Floor

       - Bedroom 1 : 9 Sqm

       - Bedroom 2 : 9 Sqm

       - Master Bedroom : 14 Sqm

       - 1 Bath room : 5 Sqm 

       - Balcony (Master Bedroom) : 3 Sqm

       - Large Front Balcony : 16 Sqm

       - Rear Balcony : 6 Sqm

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : Tiny House Design

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