190 sqm Modern House Design with Fancy Interior

 HSdesain.comThe design of the Kerala house this time looks amazing. The house is built on two floors with the top used for a rooftop, making you feel comfortable living in this 40x50 ft (190 sqm) house. For details, check out the review below!

Kerala modern house design

This geometric box house model is very typical of modern-style houses that are in great demand today. Combined with Kerala's distinctive style, it makes the house look more stunning.

Moreover, the design has a warm neutral nuance, as well as the presence of plants or trees growing around the house, making the atmosphere more refreshing.

Carport design

After entering the gate of the house, you will find a carport. The design of this carport looks quite spacious with shades of white on the walls and gray on the floor. Install spotlights for the main lighting. Then add other lights so that the carport area is not too dark.

Spacious living area

Next is the interior. The living room is the frontmost area or room that will be encountered after entering the house. The design of this room looks spacious and airy with the right arrangement. Maximizing the existing space, makes the living room feel comfortable and can be inhabited by many people.

Fancy space

If you encounter an empty area, make good use of it. You can make this empty area a place to relax or even a reading room. By putting a set of seating furniture according to the size of the room and not too much, you can add a carpet as a decoration. Don't forget to install other decorations so that this space area looks chic and comfortable.

Kitchen design

This kitchen looks spacious, you know? Moreover, the material inside looks glossy, giving the impression of an airy room. The right and compact arrangement also makes the kitchen feel aesthetic and suitable for cooking in crowds.

Elongated balcony

This long balcony design looks chic and comfortable to use for relaxing. In line with the interior, this balcony is designed with beige colors, wooden floors, and unique lighting on the walls and spotlights as the main lighting.

Comfortable rooftop

For the rooftop area, it is designed as a place to relax or even to dry clothes. Install artificial grass so that the rooftop has a fresh atmosphere. In addition, the installation of the roof can protect this rooftop area from the hot sun and bad weather.

That's the 190 sqm Modern House Design with Fancy Interior. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : deephomesjaipur

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