177 sqm Modern House Design Look Fancy

 HSdesain.comThis minimalist modern home design is built in a timeless and futuristic style. Built with a land area of 253 sqm and a building area of 177 sqm, the house looks more attractive. Let's see the review below for details.

Modern house design

The concept of neutral colors adorns the design of this two-story modern house. With a carport at the front of the house, you can enter the house from the door on the inside of the carport. Not to forget the plants that surround this house make the atmosphere fresher.

Top view

View from above, this house applies a half-sloping roof design. And this is very interesting because of its modern and contemporary concept. For the roof of the carport, you can modify it by giving transparent material in the middle. This is so that it can be an access to sunlight to enter and illuminate the room.

Futuristic structuring

The sturdy and firm structure of the house makes the design more compact. The right arrangement between the windows, ventilation as well and some details make the concept more aesthetic and stunning.

Wide window

Sufficient openings in a dwelling are indispensable. Such as the presence of windows for example. Besides being able to display the outside view from inside the house, the window can also help the entry of sunlight into the room. It will also certainly make the room not stuffy because the air circulation is quite smooth.

Carport design

The design of this carport looks attractive with a canopy that shades it. Sufficient lamp capacity makes the carport area not too dark. Can load up to 2 cars, and you can make this carport designed with a minimalist concept and give a touch of natural material for a fresh feel.

That's the 177 sqm Modern House Design Look Fancy. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : bikry_architect

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