106 sqm Elegant House Design with 4 Bedrooms

HSdesain.com -- If you have a large family, a 2-storey house design will be one of the best ideas to build a house on a small area. This design idea presents a 2-storey house that has 4 bedrooms in it. Are you interested in seeing more details? Check out 106 sqm Elegant House Design with 4 Bedrooms.

House facade design

Carrying an elegant concept, this house design is made with a simple structure that looks cleaner. The application of colors with varied schemes can give the house a livelier look. In addition, there is also an application of texture on the wall containing natural stone that can provide freshness and warmth to the exterior.

Side view

On the side, there is a softer color by applying a dominant white color but still gives a very elegant look. Many windows function optimally to bring the best comfort to the owner. Then, the roof design made with elevation adds an interesting touch that makes the house more dimensional.

Rear view

The other side has a small floating balcony. The balcony is identical to a 2-storey house with an additional railing so that it is more safely accessed by the owner.


First floor plan

This house design has a concept that divides it into 2 floors. On the first floor there is a porch, foyer, living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 1 bedroom.
Second floor plan
The second floor contains 3 other bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The master bedroom can be placed at the very front which is equipped with a balcony so that it can make it more cool than other bedrooms on this second floor.

That's the 106 sqm Elegant House Design with 4 Bedrooms. Hope you like it!

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