Modern Minimalist 2-Storey House Design Looks Classy and Elegant -- A classic home design style will always steal the show! The elegant look offers luxury along with comfort for all family members. If you love and want a gorgeous look, then the following Modern Minimalist 2-Storey House Design Looks Classy and Elegant will be the right inspiration! Let's check out the luxury details below.

Modern Minimalist House

This charming house features a cool modern minimalist style combined with an elegant classic side. Wrapped in a luxurious look, this house has an exterior that is so attractive to look at. This house has 2 floors with full facilities to provide full comfort for the whole family. 

Minimalist and Elegant Looks

As we know, a modern house with a classic style always looks stunning with all the details it has. The light gray facade with black and white accents will give a clean and neat image. The choice of warm white lamp color will make the atmosphere warmer and more inviting. Details such as large glass windows and doors, with arches and carvings are also very eye-catching.

Balcony and Carport

Of course, it's not just the luxurious look that makes this house so attractive. The various facilities owned can also have a big influence on the comfort of the residents. As we can see, this house is equipped with a carport that is large enough for up to 2 cars at once. This house also has a spacious balcony with a beautiful carved railing. The arrangement of wall lights also adds a more interesting visual.

Roof Design

For the roof itself, this house appears to have a roof design that is not simple. It consists of several materials, including concrete, and also roof tiles. The roof has a combination pyramid shape that looks elegant with various angles and different heights. These are the things that make it so luxurious and attractive!

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Author  : Rieka

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