Luxury 2-Storey Kerala House Design 120 sqm with 5 Bedrooms

 HSdesain.comThe design of a luxury house covering an area of 142 sqyards or 120 sqm looks slick and attractive. Equipped with 5 bedrooms, this 2-storey house has a nice and attractive interior. For details of the house, it has a depth of 50 ft and a front of 25.5 ft. Check out for details of this interesting and nice Kerala house.

Facade view

The modern touch of the Kerala house can be seen on the exterior of the house. Built on 2 floors, this house with a geometric design has a distinctive cream color. In addition, the appearance of the grille that adorns the front of the house also beautifies the appearance of this house.

Carport & terrace area

Once you enter the gate, you will be presented with a carport area and a terrace. The appearance of this carport looks slick with ceramics that have a color shade that is not monotonous. Plants on the carport side make the atmosphere fresher.

Living room

Once you enter the interior, you will see the living room has a neutral color design and is typical of Kerala House style. This intricate but beautiful pattern makes the house look more lively and not boring. The high roof and artistic chandelier make the room look more spacious and airy.


In the dominance of white and blue colors, making the kitchen look more spacious and clean. The glossy material also makes the kitchen look spacious. Likewise the high roof, there is a fan that will make the kitchen have cool and comfortable air.

Sink area

Before entering the kitchen, you will pass through a doorless barrier in this barrier area there is a sink that is useful for washing hands. The attractive look next to the sink makes this area more lively. Apart from being a boundary wall, you can make a good pattern as a shelf to display goods or ornaments. Add lights to make this barrier more stunning and beautiful.


This backyard area looks slick with a cover that will protect from the hot sun and rain. You can decorate this backyard area with synthetic grass and decorate it nicely to feel comfortable when you are here.

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Author  : Yuniar
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