Fabulous 32x60 M Modern House Equipped Pool with a View

 HSdesain.comThe design of a two-story house or can be said to be 3 floors with a rooftop is built neatly and is very comfortable. The most popular Kerala house looks stunning by carrying a modern and minimalist style. Although built with an area of 32 x 60 meters, this house looks neat and can be lived by many people.

Modern house design

The impression of wow will be felt when you see the exterior appearance of this 3-story house. Modern and contemporary geometric designs and lights that decorate the house make the feel of the house look magnificent but also minimalist.

Living room design

You will be distracted by the ceiling design as soon as you enter this large living room. The design that applies the concept of up-ceiling and interesting patterns makes the living room look more beautiful. Supported by decorations that decorate the walls in the living room also makes the room more attractive and not rigid.

Spacious bedroom

Comfort is the most important part when designing and decorating a bedroom. A calm and elegant nuance is felt in this spacious bedroom design. Design that is not excessive is a plus point so that it makes you not too dizzy because of the many decorations and patterns that decorate the room.

Comfortable interior

The compact arrangement was also applied to other rooms in the interior of this 32 x 60-meter house. The family room and dining room which become one room are no less interesting. Minimizing items is one of the keys to making the room cleaner and more comfortable.

Relaxing space

Take advantage of the space in this magnificent mansion. You can make the area a place to play, and relax, or even as a billiard area. Decorating neatly such as adding a mirror to the wall to make it look wider, and also installing a beautiful and aesthetic chandelier for a more attractive room.

Pool or jacuzzi on the rooftop

Making a swimming pool or jacuzzi on the rooftop is certainly a good and fun thing. With a sky roof, it makes your bathing and relaxing activities more comfortable. In order not to be monotonous, decorate near the pool or jacuzzi with decorations or beautiful plants. Even with lights so that the rooftop area does not look dark and gloomy.

That's the Fabulous 32x60 M Modern House Equipped Pool with a View. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : deephomesjaipur

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