Beautiful 236 sqm Modern House Design with 4 Bedrooms

 HSdesain.comOne of the modern houses has a size of 235 sqm and looks slick and minimalist. The design of this two-story house has quite complete facilities with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Stunning details and an open floor plan with white oak wood floors also help beautify the design of the house and provide comfort. Let's check out the review below for details.

Exterior design

The exterior appearance of this house looks modern with neat details typical of nature. The combination of white and brown wood makes the atmosphere feel more beautiful. Moreover, the design of a house that has this yard allows you to create your own garden in this minimalist house.

Yard and terrace

The design around the house can be seen in the picture above. There is also a terrace area that protrudes slightly inward. The minimalist terrace design with only a unique set of seating and lights makes it comfortable when used to relax.

Living room

Interior design that has many openings is very beneficial for the house and the residents who live in it. The interior that has a white design gives the impression that the room looks more spacious and also an open concept without partitions making the living room into one room with the kitchen and dining room.

Kitchen area

Although one room with another, this neat and stylish kitchen design makes it look aesthetic and neat. The combination of white and gray gives an elegant impression. Especially with the decoration of chandeliers that also beautify the appearance, making the kitchen a favorite area to gather in addition to cooking and eating at the dining table.


The same design appears in the bedroom in this minimalist house. With softwood floors, it gives the impression of a warm room. You can add a carpet under the bed to provide comfort to this bedroom design.


Separating between the shower and dry areas makes this bedroom look more modern and minimalist. Moreover, the design that combines white and soft gray makes the bathroom more stunning. Do not forget to install neat lights so that the bathroom is more aesthetic.

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