2-Storey Modern Small House Design - Loft Type with 2-Bedroom (5 x 15 M)

2-Storey Modern Small House Design - Loft Type with 2-Bedroom (5 x 15 M)


HSDesain.com -- Loft type homes offer a number of advantages over other home designs, many consider these homes to provide a more modern, bright and spacious touch, especially with their design that carries an urban style in interior design. Add to that its flexible design, affordability, and convenience. Here we explore it together 2-Storey Modern Small House Design - Loft Type with 2-Bedroom (5 x 15 M)


From the outside, this house looks simple with a second floor that has a balcony. This type of house has good lighting because it emphasizes glass materials, such as large windows. This loft-type function is suitable for minimalist land so that it still provides a spacious atmosphere in the room.

Living Area 

Turning to the interior of the house, which is greeted by a living room with a beautiful and cool feel, in the center of the house is a complete garden and pond. The koi pond is elongated with a cozy walkway, beside which plants and trees are tall enough to rise to the second floor. Below the stairs is a beautiful dry garden.

Dining & Kitchen Area

Next to the garden area, the kitchen is at the end of the house, although the concept of the room is open so that the small room becomes quite spacious. In the center of the dining table is a simple kitchen set. The combination of white color palette and wood tones gives the house a bright and warm feel.

Laundry Area

This area is separated by a glass door that replaces the wall. It has a large skylight so that this area gets a lot of sunlight. This area is complete with cabinets and storage shelves installed above, giving it a neat and beautiful look.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is located on the second floor with a cozy balcony. The placement of the bed is placed against the direction of the balcony so as not to cause excessive glare, only the work table can enjoy the comfortable outdoor atmosphere.

Floor Plan 

This is a loft type house with an attractive and unique design, suitable for young couples or millennials to realize their dream home. This 5 x 15 meter house carries a minimalist and beautiful atmosphere with complete facilities such as:

  ⁕ Ground Floor
       - Living Area
       - Dining Area
       - Kitchen Area
       - Relax area
       - 1 Bathroom
       - Laundry Area


 ⁕ First Floor
       - 2 Bedroom
       - 2 Bathroom
       - Balcony
That's the  2-Storey Modern Small House Design - Loft Type with 2-Bedroom (5 x 15 M). Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Tiny House Design 

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