2-Storey Modern House Design with 12 x 15 M & 5-Bedroom | Floor Plan Free

2-Storey Modern House Design with 12 x 15 M & 5-Bedroom | Floor Plan Free

HSDesain.com -- From year to year having a two-storey house is a dream for some people, this multi-storey house will give you the freedom of design to amaze you. The benefits that you can feel are clearly more spacious in occupancy, activities become easy and comfortable. Secondly, separating private and public floors as well as on the second floor is only filled with bedrooms and several private rooms. Third, besides being able to enjoy the view, it is easier to distinguish the function of the appropriate room. Check out this article if you are interested in 2-Storey Modern House Design with 12 x 15 M & 5-Bedroom | Floor Plan Free


This house clearly has a second floor whose facade forms the ideal of a luxurious modern house. This is evident in the selection of wooden roofs and wall panel accents in the center of the house. On the left side, there is a balcony with a stunning glass railing, while on the other side is a large glass window with a hanging potted plant garden as the greening of the house.

Living Area

Going inside, the interior of the house is quite interesting in the living room, which is on a fairly large area. In addition, the sofa is quite low which is suitable to be installed in a large area, this will make the house look more spacious. The television rack has a length that almost fills the width of the living area wall which functions as a storage area.

Dining Area

Separated from the living area, the dining table and kitchen become one room with ample space. So as to facilitate activities in this area, even though it is spacious, the lighting is evenly fulfilled by the glass doors and windows which are quite spacious too. This area is dominated by light and dark colors by some furniture that makes the room quite firm.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is located on the second floor with a cozy and spacious balcony with some greenery. Rooms with ample space can provide an airy and cozy atmosphere. The wall behind the bed is covered with wood and white wood wall panels with aesthetically pleasing wall lights.

Floor Plan 

Here is a floor plan that you can make a reference for a comfortable dream home, equipped with a comfortable family center area so that it can create beautiful moments with family. Here are the facilities of a house measuring 12 x 15 meters has:

Ground Floor Plan :
  - 2 Car Parking
  - Living area
  - Dining area
  - Kitchen room
  - 1 Bedroom
  - 3 Bathroom
  - Laundry room

First Floor Plan :
   - 4Bedrooms
   - Gym room
   - 4Bathrooms
   - Balcony 
That's the 2-Storey Modern House Design with 12 x 15 M & 5-Bedroom | Floor Plan Free. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
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