120 sqm Modern House Design with 5 Bedrooms

 HSdesain.comThis modern house built on two floors has an area of 120 sqm and a floor area of 179.5 sqm. Its contemporary appearance makes this house look slick and stunning. Let's see the review below for details!

Exterior house design

The distinctive contemporary nuances with gray color make this two-story house look attractive. Supported by natural wood and stone elements gives the impression of a relaxing residence and is suitable for urban areas.

Ground floor area

Entering the interior, the ground floor which is in open design displays an area for the living room and kitchen. With a white alloy design and wood elements in line with the exterior, it provides matching and eye-catching accents.

Kitchen design

The letter L model is equipped with a kitchen island in this kitchen making the design look compact and saving space. Wood elements that adorn the furniture in this kitchen and waterproof and oil-repellent wallpaper that adorns the kitchen walls help the room still look neat and clean.


Openings such as windows and ventilation help the bedroom area have smooth air circulation. In addition, the bedroom will also have natural light that enters the room with a window.

Minimalist barrier

The use of glass material as a barrier or insulation between rooms has its own advantages. It can save space because the material does not take up much space. It can also give the impression that the room looks wider.

Top floor area

The empty upstairs area can be used as a relaxing area. Or even you can use this upstairs area as a laundry area and clothesline.

That's the 120 sqm Modern House Design with 5 Bedrooms. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh
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