Two-storey Modern Kerala House With Luxurious Interior

Two-storey Modern Kerala House With Luxurious Interior -- The following Kerala house design is more unique yet very attractive. With a modern contemporary look, this house is a dream for young families. Let's take a closer look at its uniqueness!

Facade Design

Facade Design

This house has an elegant Kerala architecture style. The bold building lines with a modern contemporary look make a unique and eye-catching impression on the facade. Cool abstract motifs with a combination of wood materials, coupled with beautiful roof details with a wide size for maximum protection.

Large yard

Large Yard

This minimalist house has quite a large remaining land around the building. The entire courtyard is neatly made with paving blocks. A subtle design that will make your house always look clean, and won't feel muddy when it rains.



Even from the exterior, we can already see that this house is so elegant. There is a 2-leaf door, made of solid and sturdy wood, with vertical windows on the sides. The terrace also looks luxurious with an elevated model, with carved details on the side walls of the stairs.

Interior Design

Interior Design

After passing through the entrance, we will encounter this center room. It is quite spacious with an open space concept. The room design is luxurious with a downlight ceiling and light settings used. This room uses white as the base color, with brown wood material as a secondary color that enhances it.

Wall Decor with Artwork

Wall Decor

Not only that, the house is also adorned with beautiful art. Some corners and sides of the room look charming with wall paintings. For example, like this staircase area, both above and below the stairs there are paintings but with different images. Even the top of the stairs has embossed wall paintings, so fancy!

Wooden Materials

Wooden Materials

This house uses a lot of furniture with sturdy and solid wood materials. As in this kitchen set that is full of wood material. The glossy finish is very elegant and makes the house feel more homey. This kitchen set also has a lot of storage space, with a very complete top-bottom cabinet.

Built-in Wardrobe


Although this house is quite large, it still manages to make the most of the space. For example, like in the following bedroom. Equipped with a built-in wardrobe that is made full to the top. With plenty of storage space, you can organize your collection of clothes and accessories more neatly. The wardrobe also comes with a large mirror and a small area for a vanity table.

Natural Vibes


For the bathroom, this room looks more modern with a minimalist style. The wall is divided into 2 sides with different accent pieces. The lower part looks elegant with natural stone motifs, and the upper side has a foliage motif that makes the atmosphere more natural and relaxing. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author  : Rieka

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