This House Will Captivate You only 8 x 9 M | House Design Ideas

This House Will Captivate You only 8 x 9 M | House Design Ideas -- Small house ideas but still pay attention to beautiful aesthetics, this medium-sized house will amaze you with a design that is slightly different from other houses. The house is dominated by calm colors and a little firm to make you satisfied to have it. we check This House Will Captivate You only 8 x 9 M | House Design Ideas


The facade of this house is shaped with a slightly sloping roof back and slightly flat at the porch. The half-sided house is made of glass windows and black lists that emphasize the windows to be beautiful, in this section also looks porch equipped with a small comfortable sofa as a family center. Meanwhile, the other side is dominated by dark colors with windows that are installed flat in a row of four and comfortable chairs are placed.

Living Area

Entering the house is decorated with walls covered with stunning natural stone, almost similar to the farmhouse style in general. The television is mounted on the wall and its size has been adjusted to the distance between the sofa and the television so that you can still see the show clearly and comfortably.

Kitchen Area

This kitchen area is next to the living room next to the dining table, the kitchen is bordered by a mini bar with black soft chairs. The kitchen, which is dominated by monochrome colors, changes the appearance of the house to be balanced, between light and dark can be felt well. On the side of the wall, windows are installed in a row so that the room gets even lighting.

Master Bedroom

The main room is spacious and bright, and the furniture is clean and bright. Instead of facing the television, the bed is installed facing a wide window where you can feel the pleasure of resting while enjoying the cozy atmosphere outside. At the end of the room, there is a desk and chair with good lighting and comfortable air circulation.


Aside from the beautiful living room and master suite, the bathroom is a satisfying design. Designed with ample space at the end of the room, a bathtub is placed with a ceramic coating of calm natural stone motifs. On the other side is a counter with two sinks for young couples on their honeymoon. Although quite spacious, this bathroom is well-lit with a glass window that is not too wide and small. 
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Author  : Susi Yanti
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