Stylish 2-Storey House Design Ideas for Timeless Looks -- This home design has an attractive size with some details that you can replicate to create an awesome 2-story home. Some of these references can be seen in more detail before you build your dream house, who knows if it helps.  Some details of this 2-storey house design, check Stylish 2-Storey House Design Ideas for Timeless Looks.

Modern style

This first house design has an elegant appearance by applying a modern style. The dark and light color scheme is very well balanced to create a perfect beauty. The lower part is designed to be more spacious with the addition of a flexible open carport.

Elevated house design

For the next house design, it has a dreamy look. An elevated area like this would be perfect for lowlands with higher flood intensity so that the house remains safe and comfortable. For the second floor, it has a smaller design but still stays away.

Add some balcony

From the front view, the house looks amazing with the taller balcony roof that gives the house more dimension. Some interesting things are seen with the additional balconies located in several parts such as the front and side. The open balcony will be a fresh relaxing spot when enjoying the nice weather on weekends.

Clean and stylish design

The design of this house shows a masculine look with a simple, clean, yet stylish structure. The first floor area has an elevated porch and has many spots using glass. The second floor features a spacious balcony that also uses glass railings, adding a perfect elegant feel to the modern home.

Magnificent and fresh home design

The last house design has a beautiful color combination with more fun tones to give a very lively impression. There are several gardens near the porch steps that make the house look fresh despite the lack of decorations. It would be wonderful if the owner adds a front yard with a green garden containing a collection of favorite plants.

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