Satisfying Modern Minimalist House Design 7 x 12 M | 2-Storey with 5 Bedrooms

Satisfying Modern House Design 7 x 12 M | 2-Storey with 5 Bedrooms -- In modern minimalist home design, this design is used to convey a message of simplicity by using basic shapes such as geometric, the use of simple materials and also the repetition of structures that are characteristic of minimalism. This house is designed to have natural lighting from large windows which can also make the building look simple and clean and cool for a room. Here we see Satisfying Modern House Design 7 x 12 M | 2-Storey with 5 Bedrooms.


This house has a facade that emphasizes simplicity and a mixture of industrial style on the high glass windows, in addition to the 2nd floor of the right side of the house has a high roof style so that the impressive appearance of the facade of this house. While on the left side there is a balcony with a glass fence and a square-shaped roaster partition, although there is a partition, it creates a sense of relief. Under the balcony is utilized as a carport this is a simple facade and good efficiency.

Living Area

Entering the house is greeted by an open-concept living room, this glass window is large and tall, so there is no doubt that natural lighting in the house can be evenly distributed throughout the room. The window is also installed with a long curtain that rises upwards, therefore the house will look neat and luxurious. On the side of the sofa there is a staircase leading to the 2nd floor and equipped with another glass window that illuminates the section towards the top of the stairs. Although the house with high tap this area is also equipped with house plants placed under the stairs, so in addition to the greening function it also adds to the aesthetics of the house.

Dining & Mini Bar

The concept of this dining table is slightly separated from the kitchen, but not exceeding a distance of 50 meters this will still make it easier to serve food from the kitchen to the dining table. On the side of the table is a small area with a white-themed bar table and chairs that make this area look bright. In addition, on each wall even without windows, curtains are installed that rise to the roof, which will further emphasize the neat and luxurious impression of the house.

Master Bedroom

Moving on to the 15 sqm master bedroom, this area has a glass door that connects to the spacious balcony. This provides more comfort, this area is also installed full wall curtains that display a neat and high impression on the room. This room looks interesting looks flat roof with led lights in the garden inside, not only that the lights are mounted to the bed wall which makes it function as a sleeping lamp. This room is designed to be as minimalist as possible so that it will make you comfortable without having to pile up decorations.

Floor Plan

This is a floor plan of a house that has a modern theme and emphasizes a minimalist style, this concept is suitable for use on limited land so that you still enjoy a comfortable and spacious home. The house measuring 7 x 12 meters with the 2nd floor has :

  ⁕ Ground Floor
       - Car parking
       - Living Area
       - Dining Area
       - Minibar Area
       - Kitchen Area
       -1 Bedroom
       -1 Bathroom
       - Laundry Area
  ⁕ First Floor
       - 4 Bedrooms
       - 2 Bathroom
       - Balcony
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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Tiny House Design 

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