Impressive Facades: 7 Coolest House Design You Must Try

 HSdesain.comThe façade is the outer side of a building. The façade is also the first part to receive attention. For this reason, designing the façade as attractive as possible will provide a different accent than a façade that is only in a careless design. Below are some ideas about home façade designs that you should try and make inspiration.

One-storey house design 7x14.5 m


The design of this one-story house looks slick with its simple but minimalist design. Adopting a modern style, this house uses a widely used pyramid roof. Garden accents at the front of the house provide a fresh and relaxing living atmosphere.

Sloping roof house in 10x20 m


The wooden elements in this part of the house become the focus as soon as you see it. The unique design with a partially sloping roof, makes the house look geometric and unique. Natural accents can also be seen from the neatly arranged garden at the front of the house. Equipped with 2-way lights, it further enhances the appearance of this 2-storey house.

Beautiful 60 sqm white house design


The clean feel feels so looking at this house for the first time. In addition, the sloping roof design makes a modern and contemporary impression felt in this one-story building. The use of a brick red roof gives another color and enhances the appearance of this pure white house.

Natural accent of modern pyramid house


Seems vintage, but this one-story residence gives a natural and soothing feel. Brick accents on the façade of the house also help improve the appearance and make the house look harmonious and attractive.

Pretty 2-storey house design with red bricks


Modern nuances combined with nature make this two-story house look chic. Red brick elements that adorn the façade also contribute to improving and balancing the appearance of this house design. Moreover, the presence of plants that decorate the second floor makes the atmosphere feel fresher.

Gorgeous black roof for one-storey house design


The façade that wears white and neutral colors is very chic with a combination of black roofs. The combination roof model also gives the impression of a dwelling that is not monotonous. The neat arrangement of the front area of the house also makes the residence feel comfortable and eye-catching.

Modern house design in combination style


Modern house with this combination design looks chic and stylish. The right combination of light and dark colors on the façade of the house gives an epic and extraordinary effect.

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