Cozy Simple House Design Idea with 3 Bedrooms 114 Sqm

Cozy Simple House Design Idea with 3 Bedrooms 114 Sqm -- When we build a house, we expect it to be both attractive and comfortable. This 114 sqm house has both! Both a stylish look and a feeling of comfort. If you're seeking for house design ideas, this Cozy Simple House Design Idea with 3 Bedrooms 114 Sqm below is a perfect example! 

Front View

Front View

This 114sqm house is ideal for a small and nice home. This is the front view, simple but charming. This house designed in a modern bungalow style, enhanced with natural rock accents on the walls as well as terrace poles. The color combination of gray and ivory is really interesting.

Top View

Top View

For the roof, this house uses a simple sloping roof model. The layered structure looks attractive, with a wide size, providing maximum protection. These roofs are also popular because they tend to be easier to maintain. 

Side Corner View

Side Corner View

This house, like other bungalow houses, has a big terrace that extends from the front to the left side. A nice and secure patio with a pretty high white iron railing. The house's foundation seems a bit higher, which is ideal for preventing flooding. You may add chairs and tables to rest, a swing, or even a hammock—whatever you desire!

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

House features:

Floor Area: approx. 114sqm. 


- Porch/Veranda

- Living Area

- Kitchen 

- Dining Area

- 3 Bedrooms (1 Master Bedroom)

- 2 Toilet and Bath (1 Master Bath)

- Laundry Room

And for the estimated cost, it will require approximately 2,300,000 Php - 2,850,000 Php (46,000 USD - 57,000 USD). Of course this is not an exact price, it can vary due to many factors. So, please consult with the experts!

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : Pinoy House Designs

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