2-Storey Elegant House Design Idea with 12 x 15 M | 4-Bedroom + Floor Plan

2-Storey Elegant House Design Idea with 12 x 15 M | 4-Bedroom + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- Modern houses that feature elegant styles and are comfortable to the eye make residents feel every room like living in a luxury villa. Choosing a modern design is the right choice coupled with good function and efficiency. This design will showcase a home that feels like a luxury villa and offers a peaceful place to live for a lifetime. Here we see 2-Storey Elegant House Design Idea with 12 x 15 M | 4-Bedroom + Floor Plan




Elegant-themed homes tend to have muted color tones and minimal accent lines, the selection of wood and glass decorations combined to create a modern look. This square-shaped house is equipped with a cozy balcony. The modern style is not far from the combination of industrial concepts that many windows and glass doors, this serves to make the house look more luxurious. In the middle of the wall is covered with fine wood from bottom to top, this applies to the installation of glass beside it. Although there is a glass model next to the balcony, a small garden is placed which functions as greening so that it can make the house look beautiful and cool.


 Living Area


Entering the house is greeted with an open-concept living room, this glass window is large and tall, so there is no doubt that natural lighting in the house can be evenly distributed throughout the room. The windows are also installed with long curtains that rise upwards, therefore the house will look neat and luxurious. On the sofa side, there is a staircase leading to the second floor and another glass window that illuminates the section leading to the top of the stairs. Although the house has a high faucet this area is also equipped with house plants placed under the stairs, so in addition to the greening function it also adds to the aesthetics of the house.


 Dining & Kitchen Area

The concept of this dining table is slightly separated from the kitchen, but not exceeding a distance of 50 meters this will still make it easier to serve food from the kitchen to the dining table. On the side of the table is a small area with a white-themed bar table and chairs that make this area look bright. In addition, on each wall even without windows, curtains are installed that rise to the roof, which will further emphasize the neat and luxurious impression of the house.

Master Bedroom

The modern elegant style is really displayed in this master bedroom, because it uses natural colors from wood to create a warm atmosphere in the room. In addition to calm colors plus natural lighting from sliding glass doors that make it evenly bright. Although full of glass doors plus 2 layers of curtains that are neatly installed towering to the roof serves as privacy in the room.

Floor Plan


Modern house floor plan that creates perfect elegance. This house is perfect for those of you who like the contemporary as well as the elegant and warm look of the house. The 12 x 15 house has :

  ⁕ Ground Floor
       - 2Car parking
       - Office room
       - Living Area
       - Dining Area
       - Kitchen Area
       - Laundry room
       - 1 Bedroom
       - 3 Bathroom
  ⁕ First Floor
       - 3 Bedroom
       - 3 Bathroom
       - Gym room
       - Balcony

That's the 2-Storey Elegant House Design Idea with 12 x 15 M | 4-Bedroom + Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Tiny house design 

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