Contemporary House Design Ideas for 2024 and Beyond -- Here we present some 2-storey house designs that you can build now but can still exist in the following years because of their modern and timeless look. Do you intend to have this dream home? Check out Contemporary House Design Ideas for 2024 and Beyond.




Shady roof design

 This first contemporary home design has an impressive appearance with a vertical building model that has a neat and varied finish. The pyramid roof model is applied with variations that make the house look more impressive. Then, the roof also widens which makes the house feel more shady and the balcony area can be used more comfortably.



Elevated house design

Next is a house design idea that can be built with a wide size and has an attractive building structure using elevations. Other areas are one-story and others are two-story. This house would be perfect for a large family. The bedroom capacity of this house is 4 and 5 bathrooms. Porches in some areas will make the relaxing areas more enjoyable.

Simple design with carport

The carport that this home design has is so attractive that you only really need a small area of land. The first floor area is for the carport with the second floor roof containing several rooms. Although it can be built on a small area, a house design like this can include 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 1 decent-sized living room.

Muji minimalist-style

Muji minimalism is also one of the most popular home designs because the room looks cleaner with not much furniture so it will maximize the air quality in the house. For color choices, usually muji houses are identical to warm earthy tones and the house has a lot of circulation in the form of large windows and doors.

Minimalist modern house with open balcony

The last house design has a very minimalist look with a simple but very eye-catching building structure. The front area is made overhanging with a large open balcony that can be used as a functional area. To maximize the minimalist impression, this house is designed using a neatly installed shed roof.






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