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 Beautifully Designed Small House with Floor Plan 6m x 9m | Simple Life -- Small homes are not only beautiful on the outside and practical on the inside, they are also a trend that encourages sustainable living. The idea is to minimize the size of the home while still having everything you need in a more modest size. Many home designs have taken a new approach to small yet functional sustainable homes. Here we explore them together Beautifully Designed Small House with Floor Plan 6m x 9m | Simple Life.



This facade depicts a simple small house while displaying a beautiful aesthetic impression. The combination of wood materials lining the walls and some railings and glass gives the impression of a modern classic. Having a triangular and flat roof on the porch of the front of this house is equipped with a small garden surrounding the fence. The curved window function on the flat roof provides additional natural lighting that can spread throughout the room.  

Balcony for Entertainment 

This balcony is located on the side of the house forming the letter L, placing several lounge chairs spread across 3 balcony areas, namely the front of the house near the entrance, in the middle a long soft sofa is placed while at the end of the balcony right next to the glass door connecting to the kitchen so that 4 chairs and 1 table can be used to drink tea and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with family.

Living Room


Entering the house is welcomed by a bright living room, this impression is displayed by a fairly wide glass window behind the sofa. the room is rectangular with a long sofa and a simple square table and a minimalist television rack. This area is simply decorated with some friendly plants in the house and paintings that beautify the room. On the side of the window is installed curtains that rise to the roof this will make it neat and display a high impression on the room.

Dining & Kitchen


This house has an open space concept that connects the living room dining and kitchen area. the same as the living room this area is installed with a large glass door to connect to a comfortable balcony area. The simple dining table is equipped with 4 chairs and next to it is a minimalist kitchen set with calm color tones. This area is only decorated with beautiful white long paintings. Although the glass window door is still given a curtain as privacy in the house at night.

Master Bedroom


This room is designed to provide near-perfect comfort, a large cozy basket that has the same gray color tone as the back wall which is covered in granite with a luxurious abstract pattern. The combination is perfect especially with the glass windows that also help to improve fresh air circulation. The room is decorated with solid wood, making the room warm.

Floor Plan 

A minimalist sized house that has functional space and good efficiency. Choosing a simple decoration also affects the comfort of activities and the aesthetic value is suitable, the house which measures 6m x 9m has balcony facilities for entertainment, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living area, dining & kitchen area and laundry area.

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Tiny House Design

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