Beautiful One-storey Modern Kerala Minimalist Home Design -- Kerala home designs are a favorite because of their beautiful and charming look. With modern kerala style, this stunning one-storey modern kerala home design is surely perfect to inspire you. If you're looking for home ideas, then this Beautiful One-storey Modern Kerala Home Design is not to be missed! Let's check out the design details below.

Facade Design

The beautiful facade design that shines. This one-storey house design has a unique architecture and structure, typical of the modernized Kerala style. It looks wide and beautiful, with a warm combination of white and brown wood colors. The lighting set-up is one of the highlights of this house facade.

Neat Details

Neat details for the exterior can indeed make a powerful impact, especially at first glance. This house combines a modern style with the use of natural stone and wood accents to decorate the facade. The courtyard is also very interesting, full of 2-color paving blocks to create a unique checkerboard motif, and a neat impression. 

Small Terrace

The terrace is small but can be powerful if designed well. This house appears to have a higher foundation, which is good, to protect the house from flooding and etc. In this small terrace area, you can add a pair of minimalist chairs, with a small coffee table to sit back and relax. In the corner you can add a tall potted plant to make a statement.

Open Space

In line with its shining exterior, the interior of this house is equally attractive. The design is beautiful and marvelous with the lighting set-up used. This center room is made open space, with a small partition such as a counter bar in the kitchen. You can use this center room as a living room, TV room, and dining room.

Elegant Interior

This room looks luxurious with a white color that gives a spacious and clean impression. The floor uses white marble motif granite which looks luxurious. Then the ceiling is minimalist and neat, with led embedded lights formed into geometric boxes with several hidden lamps that create dots. 

Maximum Storage Space

In a minimalist-sized house, of course, we have to make the most of the space. For example, this kitchen design. A small kitchen with a beautiful and neat kitchen set. Equipped with top-bottom cabinets that have plenty of storage space to make your kitchen more organized. This kitchen is also equipped with a large window for ventilation while cooking.

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh

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