2-Storey Small House Design Idea only 7 x 10 M with 4-Bedroom

2-Storey Small House Design Idea only 7 x 10 M with 4-Bedroom


HSDesain.com -- The 2-storey house design is the right choice to build a residence in a limited area, this design has a small size but utilizes good area efficiency. This type of house with a 2-storey design makes more efficient use of land and makes it possible to accommodate more families in a building that is not too large. This house has a modern design that can make your family feel at home in it. Here we see together 2-Storey Small House Design Idea only 7 x 10 M with 4-Bedroom.


A modern 2-storey house that emphasizes simplicity in form and function, the facade forms an industrial-style square. Added clean lines, the use of glass and steel materials and concrete to create a modern minimalist look. On the second floor there is a balcony with a full glass railing, making it look more spacious. This design includes neutral colors, open spaces, and little decoration especially emphasizing function and simple aesthetics.

Living Area

Entering the first time was greeted with a square-shaped living room that was partitioned by a television rack that filled the wall, the shelf was coated with granite which was used to install the television to make it tidier from cable interference and others. The choice of television size is adjusted to the width of the living room which is so that users watch with the right standard not far away or not too close. As shown on the facade in this area there is a large glass window as lighting and helps air circulation to be good.

Dining Area

Extending to the dining table which is partitioned by a wooden television shelf that is elegantly stunning, behind the shelf is installed a large deer image to beautify the shelf and not plain. Each area is also equipped with glass windows and curtains that rise to the roof, so that in addition to even lighting to provide the aesthetics of the house. Although it is open, each area is partitioned with a mini bar rack, such as in the kitchen area, so it remains spacious even though there is a partition. The mini bar is coupled with a beverage storage rack or various decorations that match the hobby tendencies of the residents.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom not only has a high comfort value but also provides a beautiful aesthetic value. This room is domination by calm color tones by walls covered with brown ceramic motifs, nude curtains and various soft color furniture. This room is equipped with a large glass door connecting the balcony, so that it can enjoy the beauty of the outside of the house comfortably.

Floor Plan

Here is a floor plan that you can make your dream small house reference. Although small, it has good efficiency in each room and has a width that is adjusted to the needs of the room. This small house that only measures 7 x 10 meters has :
  ⁕ Ground Floor
       - Carparking
       - Living Area
       - Dining Area
       - Kitchen Area
       - 1Bedroom
       - 1Bathroom
       - Laundry Area
   ⁕ First Floor
       - 3 Bedrooms
       - 2 Bathroom
       - Balcony
That's the 2-Storey Small House Design Idea only 7 x 10 M with 4-Bedroom. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Tiny House Design

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