2-Storey Elegant Luxury House Design with 4-Bedroom | 7,5 x 12 M + Floor Plan

2-Storey Elegant Luxury House Design with 4-Bedroom | 7,5 x 12 M + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- The design of a 2-storey luxury house that features an elegant style and is comfortable to the eye makes its residents feel every room like living in a luxury villa. Choosing a luxurious yet simple design is the right choice coupled with good function and efficiency. This design will showcase a home that feels like a luxury villa and offers a peaceful place to live for a lifetime. 2-Storey Elegant Luxury House Design with 4-Bedroom | 7.5 x 12 M + Floor Plan


This elegant house has a calm color tone, the selection of a triangular roof combined with glass windows and a beautiful flower garden creates a fresh look. This square-shaped house is equipped with a cozy balcony, while on the side there is a spacious carport with a flat roof. This house is dominated by white color. All the windows and doors are made of glass and this is combined with a distinctive modern style.

Living Area

A luxurious and warm look when you first enter this house, each wall is covered with abstract patterned granite that gives a luxurious impression, in addition to simple decorations and large paintings on the walls that make elegant luxury.

Dining Area

The room is limited by a wall in the middle of the room that separates the living room and dining table. This dining room has a classy look because it is decorated with a fairly luxurious interior but still has a simple look so that it is comfortable in the eyes. At the end of the room a glass window covered with curtains that rises to the roof serves to make the room look neat and higher.

Elax Area

Still connected to the dining table area, this area is only placed with 2 comfortable chairs and a small table placed facing the window side, so you can enjoy the outside atmosphere comfortably. This area is minimally decorated with only a large, stunning painting that makes the room even more warm and cozy.


This kitchen has a separate, square-shaped room with an area of 16 sqm. In addition to this kitchen area, there is a washing machine that can be used simultaneously while cooking so that your activities are facilitated. Although it is one area, this room has a fairly wide width, therefore it does not make the room cramped and stuffy.

Master Bedroom

This master suite is the perfect retreat. It has a spacious size in the center where decorations and a television facing the bed are placed near the quarter wall. In addition, the side rooms serve as closets and dressers along with the entrance to the bathroom. The bed is designed with blunt edges so that it is child-friendly, the bed is made of wood and the back of the bed is covered with warm wood.

Floor Plan


Here is a 2-storey luxury house design that is quite simple while exuding an elegant atmosphere. This sizable house accommodates several of your extended family equipped with complete, comfortable, and satisfying facilities. The facilities of this house are:

  ⁕ Ground Floor
       - 2 Car Parking
       - Living Area
       - Dining Area
       - Relax Area
       - Kitchen room
       - 1 Bedroom
       - 1 Bath room

  ⁕ First Floor
       - Study room
       - Master Bedroom
       - Bedroom 2   
       - Bedroom 3
       - 2 Bath room  
       - Balcony
That's the 2-Storey Elegant Luxury House Design with 4-Bedroom | 7,5 x 12 M + Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Tiny House Design

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