185 Sqm Modern Cozy Kerala House Design with Low Budget | Floor Plan

185 Sqm Modern Cozy Kerala House Design with Low Budget | Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- Kerala house is the dream of some people, we know that building a kerala house requires a large land and budget, but this time HSDesain.com provides a low budget kerala house design with floor plan so that you can realize a modern and beautiful kerala dream house. Here we see together 185 Sqm Modern Cozy Kerala House Design with Low Budget | Floor Plan


The facade of this house gives a warm and cozy impression, the 185 Sqm ground floor has a carport on the right side with a sloping roof, this house appears to have a 2nd floor but only an elevated style that has a triangular roof with natural lighting glass. On the side there is a spacious balcony planted with trees, then in the entrance area the porch is equipped with a small garden accompanied by small but many rectangular windows equipped with iron stripes typical of Kerala houses.

Living Area

Entering for the first time you are welcomed by a living room with a stunning high ceiling, this area has beige sofas and brown walls typical of traditional Kerala, behind the sofa is a striped glass window as air circulation in the house as well as good natural lighting. The house has a simple yet elegant exposed floor.

Master Bedroom

This master room has a calm and soothing color furniture with soft wood materials, on each side of the bed then the right side is located a glass window with iron stripes as air circulation and natural lighting of this room, not only that on the side of the window space used as a seat to enjoy the view outside the house. Visible on the roof has a hanging fan with a calm style so that this room gives a natural warm impression.


Family Area

The first time up the stairs you are greeted with a comfortable sofa and table, this area functions as a family room. The house has a high roof right above the living room, on the side of the sofa is provided with iron fence security at the end of the wall there is a fixed glass window as natural lighting, then on the next wall has a rattan partition that helps air circulation to be good.

Kitchen Area

Adjoining the living room, this area is an open space style that has a clean kitchen and a separate dirty kitchen. The dining table with 6 wooden chairs is equipped with a beautiful chandelier, on the side of the window is placed a sink that serves to wash hands or just do makeup which is not too far compared to having to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen. This area is also equipped with a large glass window that serves as lighting as well as good air circulation.


Floor Plan

Here are the plans you need to realize this Kerala house, requiring a low budget depending on the materials used. Hope this article helps you. Kerala homes that have a size of 2000 SQFT or 185 SQM have facilities:

Car porch : 420X 410
Sit out : 300 X 180
Living room : 390 X 390
Dining area : 340 X 390
Kitchen : 340 X 330
Work area : 250 X 330
Bedroom 1 : 390 X 360
Washroom 1 : 150 X 240
Staircase : 180 X 380
Bedroom 2 : 360 X 360
Washroom 2 : 250 X 150

Bedroom 3 : 390 X 360
Washroom 3 : 150 X 240
Upper living : 420 X 390

That's the  185 Sqm Modern Cozy Kerala House Design with Low Budget | Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Arch-Diary

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