Two-Storey House Design Ideas 7x15 Meters - Built on limited land, this 2-storey house looks comfortable with the right modern design. Moreover, there is enough yard to store vehicles and there is a park in the backyard. Let's take a look at the review below for details.

Facade design

The façade of this house has an amazing design. The combination of light and dark colors gives the impression of a modern and timeless home. Not only that, the presence of a canopy in the front yard can help protect the vehicle. You can create a garden next to the carport so that the house has a refreshing atmosphere.

Mini garden

The backyard has a small land does not prevent you from having a garden in a 7 x 15 meter house. Create a vertical garden by hanging it on a wall or guardrail. Add a pathway for the walking area and place a set of sitting chairs to relax in the backyard area.

Living room

The open plan concept makes the main room have a large enough land. You can use this main room for the living room and any other room that you think is functional. Living room design with modern minimalist concept. Not to forget the right arrangement will give a comfortable and neat room accent.

Space area

Taking advantage of an empty area for a multi-functional room is certainly very good. Or you can leave the room used as a place to display decorations.

Master bedroom

The design of this master bedroom looks slick. As the name suggests, Master Bedroom has a wider size than other bedrooms. And the master bedroom is generally used for the main residents of the house. 

There is a cabinet equipped with geometric glass beside the bed. Moreover, the decoration is just right, making the master bedroom not appear monotonous and boring.


This bedroom design for children has a single bed and a study table beside it. For clothing and storage cabinets, arranged parallel to the head of the bed. You can add a sleeping lamp as additional lighting so that the bedroom looks comfortable.


The bathroom design that applies gray ceramics looks elegant and chic. Especially combined with the white color of the furniture or items in the bathroom, making the combination look right. You can hang a mirror in the sink area which will make it easier for you to look in the mirror when brushing your teeth or others.

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