Stunning Secondary Skin of 5 x 20 M House Design Plus Floor Plan - This minimalist house that has a land area of 5 x 20 meters and a building area of 75 sqm is built on 3 floors. Simple appearance with a gable roof and equipped with secondary skin gives a fresh residential accent. Not only used as a residence, the first floor of this 3-story house is used for teaching.

Exterior design

The exterior design of the house looks like a combination of dark and light colors. Coupled with natural elements such as plants and red bricks provides a warm and relaxing residential accent.

Kitchen area

The kitchen and dining room are designed into one room. Located on the second floor, this kitchen and dining room has balcony access limited by a transparent sliding door, of course, this will provide access to light from outside and also air circulation that is quite smooth and comfortable.


The stairs in this 3-story house are in a spiral design to save more space. The combination of white and wood elements gives the stairs a minimalist and nice look. Give potted plants under or above the stairs as decorations which will enhance the appearance and make the room look sweeter.


This sit-on-the-floor bedroom design can save space. You can also add a cot or a small wooden deck to make the bed a little higher. A neat and minimalist arrangement will certainly make the bedroom feel comfortable.

Floor plan

As in the picture above, this house consisting of 3 floors has:
  • space room
  • a bedroom
  • a bathroom
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • balcony

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