Some Amazing of House Design Ideas for You - One and Two-Storey -- This is several facades of popular house designs will be of interest to anyone. Not only for 2 floors with a magnificent size, this time there are also examples of 1-story houses that look elegant and amazing. This will be a reference when you are going to build a house in this style. For those of you who are interested, check out Some Amazing of House Design Ideas for You - One and Two-Storey.

Kerala house design

This house design is a Kerala style  from India. The concept of a majestic house with natural details that emit strongly from the exterior makes the house look warm and fresh. The house model has an interesting structure and appears varied. 

Usually a house like this is characterized by the presence of several balconies and also the presence of many large windows that make the room feel more spacious and not stuffy.

Open balcony

The next home design idea has a simpler structure than before with the use of a large open balcony area. A spacious balcony like this will be suitable for families who like a lot of activities at home because it can be used as a functional balcony such as small parties, relaxing areas, or gardens. 

The addition of a railing is essential for this spacious and open balcony so that it remains safe for children to access.

One-storey house design

This is the one-story version. A house design like this would be suitable for tropical areas with a high pyramid roof that can adjust the indoor temperature to keep it comfortable. Some exterior details such as natural stones and gardens would be very powerful touches to enhance the house and make it feel very fresh and lively.

Modern style

If you like a more modern look, I think you'll love this home design idea. This elevated building structure features a spacious rooftop and a pleasant private area for the owner. The combinations chosen are also relatively soft which makes it timeless. Many large windows are given prominent white frames for more shade and become elements that enhance the exterior of the house.

Traditional style

Despite entering the modern era, there are still many people who want to build a traditional-style house that has an aesthetic and atmosphere that is not found in today's houses. For example, with some carvings on the exterior, a more dominant use of wood, and a high roof model that can provide a cooler atmosphere inside the house and will create each time more memorable.

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