Small House Interior Design Solutions

 HSdesain.comHaving a small and limited residence does require a few tricks. One of them is to apply an open concept so that the residence looks airy and comfortable. Let's look at the review below for more details.

Facade home design

The façade of this house has a fairly simple design. There is a terrace in the area before entering the house. and there is also a small staircase leading to the terrace area. You can make the fence as a terrace or fence edge to make it safer.

Interior design

The main room that applies the open plan concept makes the interior look spacious. The living room area adjacent to the kitchen is one way so that this small residence is not crowded. Supported by wood floors and other natural materials make the interior of this tiny house feel fresh and homey.

Living room

There is only a sofa as a seat, this living room looks minimalist but still comfortable. The location near the window makes the living room have neat air circulation and good lighting. You can add decorations to the walls around the living room so that it doesn't look empty.

Bedroom area

Located after the main room, this bedroom has a minimalist design and vintage accents. Long white curtains are covering the window in this bedroom. The right arrangement certainly makes a small bedroom feel comfortable and not crowded.

Compact placement

The design and placement of the refrigerator in this kitchen is very appropriate. Located after the kitchen set and near the window, it will certainly make this position feel right. You can put the plant on top of the refrigerator to beautify the look and create a fresh atmosphere.

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