Satisfying Modern House Design with Roof Deck | 2-Story 10 x 20 M (3-Bedroom)

Satisfying Modern House Design with Roof Deck | 2-Story 10 x 20 Meter  (5-Bedroom) -- A spacious house suitable for you and your extended family, this house is equipped with elderly rooms that make it easy to carry out their activities. This is your chance to realize your dream home with your family. This house is also equipped with complete family facilities that aim to make your happy family harmonious. Let's explore the Satisfying Modern House Design with Roof Deck | 2-Story 10 x 20 Meter (5-Bedroom).


 A modern style 2nd floor house, from the front you can see a spacious balcony area to relax with your family, the balcony is equipped with casual seating and a sliding white curtain partition that makes it easy for you to enjoy the outside view. On the roof side there is a spacious roof deck equipped with partial skylights and casual seating, this is suitable for enjoying parties or gathering to enjoy the evening.

Living Area

Entering the house is greeted by a spacious living room with a large brown sofa, although it is open space, there is a partition between the living room and dining table with a neat fine wood arrangement. This room is installed with quite a lot of glass windows so that it functions to make light and air circulation can be evenly distributed. The aesthetic large chandelier decoration and led lights at each end of the roof give a luxurious impression.

Dining & Kitchen Area

 This area is still connected to the living room, in this area equipped with full glass windows that make the room bright and bright evenly. A large enough area makes it easy for cooking or eating activities with family to feel spacious, both are also separated by an aesthetic mini bar that gives a luxurious impression. In the sink part of the kitchen added with a glass window that serves to provide good air circulation when washing dishes.

Master Bedroom

The spacious master bedroom features a full glass door that connects to the balcony at the front of the house. This room satisfies your activities because it is decorated simply but elegantly, the selection of calm furniture colors and natural lighting makes the room warm and soothing. This room is also equipped with a special shelf for your bag or shoe collection.

Cozy Roof Deck

The area located on the top floor is divided into 2 parts, inside and outside. It is equipped with several comfortable lounge seatings, you can start your party or family gathering by grilling barbeques to your heart's content. The outer roof is accompanied by a skylight roof that gives the impression of a cozy relaxing area.

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : AKM Design & Concept

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