Popular Kerala House Design in 2023 and Interior Ideas

HSdesain.com -- Kerala house designs are starting to be known by many people with various types including this one. The concept of a distinctive blend of traditional and modern looks very well together. 

For those of you who like it, here we also present examples of interiors that are perfect for Kerala homes. Check out Popular Kerala House Design in 2023 and Interior Ideas.

Front view

On the front view, the house has a magnificent structure in traditional style with a more modern finish using soft and timeless colors. Most Kerala home designs do not have a large porch and prioritize a relaxing area on the balcony or back garden that is more private and comfortable for the family.



Side view

From the side view, this house looks magnificent and sturdy using many poles that have matching designs.  In addition, the gable roof design that is made varied like this is also the identity of the traditional Kerala house. 

In addition to the typical roof structure, many Kerala houses are also designed by adding spacious open balconies in several areas so that it will provide a relaxing spot with a more cool view.


Living room idea

As for the interior design, this is an interesting example for a living room. Placing the sofa in an L-shaped layout will fill the room more efficiently. If you want a warmer impression, the owner can arrange the sofa by forming a square pattern. 

For the decor, a touch of classic yet artsy style will be very suitable for the interior of a Kerala home.

Dining room idea

Next is an example of a dining room design that you can use as an interior reference. The use of elegant furniture with emerald color implies an expensive classic impression. Additional chandeliers can be adjusted to the overall interior look. 

Then, to provide a focus area, add partitions with interesting patterns as in the picture.

Back garden idea

To maximize a comfortable and more private relaxing area, Kerala homeowners can add a back garden with a neat and fresh landscape. The selection of tropical plants can be combined with a dry garden concept area using gravel and steps. Add a comfortable bench with plenty of space for the whole family.

That's the Popular Kerala House Design in 2023 and Interior Ideas. Hope you like it!

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