Nice Tone 133 sqm House Design Idea Make Cozy Dwelling - The design of a 2-storey house that puts forward a minimalist and warm style provides comfort for those who live in it. Moreover, the selection of colors and the right combination, make this 133 sqm house look aesthetic. Let's look at the review below for more details.

Exterior design

The stunning design on the exterior of this 133 sqm house makes it suitable as an area to take pictures. Moreover, it is supported by lanterns that decorate the exterior walls of the house and look neat and eye-catching.


Divided into 2 parts, one house has a balcony, and the other has 1 floor. Verandah in the area of this 1-story house looks simple, chic, and minimalist. With transparent grid doors adorning this building area and the presence of lanterns and plants around it give a fresh accent to the verandah.

Main room

Entering the interior, there is a main room that is designed to extend without partitions. In this main room, there is a living room and also a dining room which is one room. However, the right arrangement and also the right design, make this area look comfortable and aesthetic. Do not forget to sweeten the room by placing plants placed on rattan planters.

Relaxing spot

The relaxing area close to the balcony looks chic and comfortable. There are bamboo blinds covering the windows and also vitrase that makes warm accents on relaxing spots. Put minimalist furniture and plants so that this place looks beautiful and fresh.


Finally, the design of the bathroom that has a shower and sink adds more comfort to the 133 sqm house. In addition to wearing a plain white design, you can add some patterns to the ceramics installed in the bathroom. Do not forget to place plants so that they can provide benefits in this bathroom area.

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Author  : Yuniar
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