Modern and Luxury House Design Equipped with Pool

 HSdesain.comA house that has swimming pool facilities is a fun thing and many crave. The design of a luxurious house with a modern concept looks chic and suitable for large families to live in. Below is a review of luxury homes equipped with swimming pools.

Exterior design

The exterior of this house has shades of light colors and soothing cream. Not only that, the addition of lantern lights and others makes the house brightly lit. Equipped with several plants and trees gives a shady atmosphere.


While in the backyard area, this house is made for a swimming pool. However, if you want to have a garden, you can create a garden around the pool. The slick design with the right lighting makes the backyard look beautiful and suitable for relaxing both day and night.

Living room

The interior of this modern and luxurious house has a beautiful and fancy design. Not only that, the living room that has high ceilings also gives an accent room that is quite spacious and airy. Furniture that has a unique design and has a design in line with the interior gives a beautiful and aesthetic accent to the room.


The bedrooms in this modern and luxurious house have windows that are wide enough and there are several. This will certainly make the bedroom have neat lighting and good air circulation. Not only that, items that have feather accents also strengthen the impression of luxury in this bedroom.

Dining room

The glossy design and equipped with a large mirror on the wall, make this dining room feel luxurious. Moreover, it is equipped with a beautiful and elegant chandelier, further beautifying the design of the dining room.


The use of white in this bathroom makes the room feel more spacious and airy. Moreover, it is separated between the shower and dry areas, making the bathroom look comfortable and avoid excess moisture.

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