Small House Design Look Elegant 6 x 10 M with 2-Bedroom

 Small House Design Look Elegant 6 x 10 M with 2-Bedroom -- Carrying the theme of minimalist houses is being loved by millennials. giving an aesthetic impression as well as a minimalist house this time looks elegant and luxurious. The interior and exterior designs are arranged with pleasant muted colors that also have their own unique characteristics of each design. Let's explore Small House Design Look Elegant 6 x 10 M with 2-Bedroom.





Elegant and luxurious houses can be seen from the appearance of the facade of a luxury house usually. The appearance of the left side of the triangular roof extends this impresses a tall house. Then the right side of the front has a flat roof on the terrace but the back remains triangular so that the triangular roof forms an L. The right wall has a tenuous box arrangement, this is functioned as a partition between the inner and outer terraces.


Living Room


This room only has a small beige sofa and an aesthetic round table, provided with a minimalist television shelf. Behind the sofa there is a wooden order partition as a partition between the living area and dining area. Although small this room is added with 2 glass windows to keep the room bright during the day.



Dining Area


This house is dominated by bright beige paint wall colors so that it displays a warm and elegant impression. This area has a dining table and 4 comfortable sofa chairs, there is a small cupboard equipped with small decorations that add to the aesthetic impression. This area is also equipped with glass windows so that there is still natural lighting from outside the house. Although the kitchen area is separate, it will make eating together more comfortable.



In the kitchen has a glass door to the cozy side terrace of the house, along this house is made a terrace with 2 comfortable chairs, has an aesthetic skylight roof so that it feels like in a cafe. Shelter grass plants and sanseviera flowers are known to reduce dirty air and heat in the house so that a suitable combination for your terrace.



Floor Plan

A small elegant house can make you feel comfortable having it, a small and minimalist house makes it easier for you to maintain. The house measuring 6 x 10 meters has a Porch, living room, dining area, kitchen room, bathroom, 2 bedrooms and terrace. Own this design and realize your dream home.

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Kapur Design

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