Luxurious 15 x 19 M House Design with 6 Bedrooms

 HSdesain.comThis 3-storey luxury house built with an area of 15 x 19 meters or approximately 288 sqm looks chic and comfortable. Equipped with 6 bedrooms plus 1 children's room can accommodate a large family. The use of modern design combined with several patterns makes this luxury house look unique and comfortable.

Exterior design

The exterior of this 3-storey luxury house looks chic with a combination of contrasting colors but feels right. Moreover, the presence of several plants adorning around this 3-story house makes the atmosphere more beautiful. Not to forget the installation of the right lights to make the exterior of the house feel more beautiful.

Terrace area

The terrace and front yard of the house look spacious and can be used for the carport area. The yard area covered with chic ceramics also helps the house stay clean. Next to the terrace and carport yard, there is a small garden overgrown with grass so as not to pollute the surroundings. You can grow some plants in this area of the garden for a pleasant atmosphere.


The balcony in this 3-story house has a fairly large space. With a transparent guardrail, you can put potted plants on the side of the fence as decorations.

Main room

The main room on the ground floor looks spacious with a design without partitions. However, you can add flexible partitions with certain patterns as a divider between rooms. Moreover, the design and color that match the interior and also the furniture or items in the main room make the appearance of the room look aesthetic.


The bedroom which is quite spacious also has a minimalist arrangement. This certainly makes the bedroom a fairly spacious space and does not provide narrow and messy accents. You can design the bedroom as you wish or create it with the theme you dream of.


Next, there is a modular kitchen. A modular kitchen is a modern kitchen whose component display is composed of a unity of kitchen cabinet units. The modular kitchen concept itself prioritizes the layout of kitchen furniture so that it will facilitate the effective use of space.

Space area

There is an area space in this 3-story house. You can use it as a functional space, such as a playroom, mini library, workspace, and so on. Arrange neatly and make sure it has good enough lighting so it doesn't seem gloomy.

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Author  : Yuniar
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