Gable Roof House Design 10 x 10 M with 2 Bedrooms - This one-story house built using a gable roof looks chic and comfortable. With a land area of 10 x 10 m or 100 sqm and a building area of 70 sqm, this house has quite complete facilities. 2 bedrooms can accommodate up to 4 people.


It looks like this 70 sqm house is equipped with a fence for security. The design of the fence that uses breezeblock and perforated looks slick. Moreover, the front of the house has a small garden that gives the surrounding environment a fresh atmosphere.


The front of this house is divided into 3 parts. With side sides for carport and small garden area. As for the middle side of the house, there is a terrace and also the entrance to the house. The chic design and additional lighting make the house feel comfortable and warm.

Side area

The other side areas of the house have a fairly small size. It's okay, the side that has a slightly indented design does have a window. And you can design and decorate this side area by creating a fresh small garden.

Top view

The combination of gable roof design and flat roof makes this 70 sqm house look slick. There is also a roof that has glass material that can help the interior area have sunlight and not give a gloomy accent because a fairly dark room lacks light.

3D & 2D Floor plans

The floor plan consists of the:
  • carport
  • terrace
  • living room
  • family area
  • kitchen and dining room
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • backyard
  • praying room

And to find out the detailed size of this 70 sqm house, you can see the floor plan picture above. The numbers on the floor plan above are millimeters.

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

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