Cozy 3-Bedroom Modern Bungalow House Design 120 sqm

Cozy 3-Bedroom Modern Bungalow House Design  120 sqm -- As time progresses, a bungalow refers to a large dwelling in some countries, therefore it is not uncommon for a bungalow to become a dream for some people. The characteristics of a bungalow consist of 1 floor with a large and elegant land. This time the design of the Cozy 3-Bedroom Modern Bungalow House Design 120 sqm.






The facade of this bungalow house is warm and soothing, because of the dominant beige and dark brown colors. Using a triangular gable roof has good benefits for air circulation compared to a flat roof. There are stairs covered with natural stone so that it looks like an elegant natural house, in the left corner of the house there is a smooth wooden board as a luxurious wall covering.



Living Area

Entering this house you are greeted with 3 descending stairs as a guest area, on the side of this area there is an iron fence as a room partition. In this lower box there is a large sofa, a small glass table, shelves and a television. Behind the television there is a long smooth solid wood arrangement that functions as a partition between this room and the kitchen. It becomes elegant when it is beautified because it is placed on a hanging shelf of home decorations.



Dining Area

On the side of the room partition made of solid wood there is a large dining area, the function of this room partition helps separate one room from another, made of wood also keeps the air in the room spread evenly compared to the wall. There is a large table in the middle equipped with 6 comfortable sofa chairs. Natural lighting is produced by wide glass windows so that the room becomes bright.



Master Bedroom


Cream and dark brown paint colors make the house look warm this applies in this one bedroom. Equipped with dark colored furniture such as dark gray the room looks elegant. The arrangement of large and wide windows functions as good lighting so that the room still looks bright and comfortable.




At the end of the house there is an exit to this spacious lanai, square in shape with chairs on the side of the iron fence. This area is suitable for enjoying the atmosphere around the house with family.

Floor Plan


Bungalow house design 120 sqm you can enjoy a spacious house with complete facilities like a hotel or villa. This house has:

• 3- Bedrooms
• 2 – T & B
• Kitchen Area
• Living Area
• Dining Area
• Porch
• Foyer
• Lanai
• Parking lot

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : RG Sebastian Builder

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