Cozy 2-Storey Modern House Design - Only 7 x 8 M with 5-Bedrooms

Cozy 2-Storey Modern House Design - Only 7 x 8 M with 5-Bedrooms
 -- The Pampanga House house concept is a simple box type with 5 modern bedrooms ideal for medium to large sized families. It is a budget home that is ideal for small lots of about 95-100 square meters. This includes the house floor plan of the overall house design, so take a good look at Cozy 2-Storey Modern House Design - Only 7 x 8 M with 5-Bedrooms


The facade of this house is in the form of a box measuring 7 x 8 M. The front view of this house is located carport, wooden fence makes this house feel warm. The advantage of this box house is easier to design and build and most of the building equipment is based on straight lines. There is a balcony with a box house design looks satisfying because every square of space will also be used to the maximum.

Living Area

Entering the house you will find a simple living room with minimalist furniture, white sofas and tables as well as storage. There are large glass windows as well as curtains until the roof ceiling serves to make the house look high. The combination of white walls and wood vinyl flooring fits looks cozy and soothing.

Dining Area

This area is indeed spacious so that family dining activities feel spacious and comfortable, coupled with natural lighting by glass windows. Next to the table there is a storage rack and food heater. This makes it easy for you to heat food, this area is beautified with a large flower vase in the corner of the room and an aesthetic chandelier.
Stair winder

Winder staircase is almost the same as the letter L staircase, the difference appears in the bordes of the stairs. there is no bordes on the winder staircase. Besides that, the winder staircase does display a classic and old school impression, but this design has been modified, the room becomes more spacious even though there are stairs. The area under the stairs is also used as a bookshelf so that every corner is well utilized.

Floor Plan
Attractive simple house size 7 x 8 M has 2 floors with 5 bathrooms. This house has a carport, living area, dining and kitchen area, bedroom 1. On the second floor there is a spacious balcony, lounge, bedrooms 2,3,4 as well as a bathroom. 
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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Q Architect

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