Clever Scandinavian Interior Design For Small Home & Apartment - Scandinavian style carrying minimalist, simplicity, and functionality. Not only for small houses, you can apply this style for large houses and other size of dwellings. Combination with natural material brings freshness and relaxation to the dwelling. Here are the clever designs of Scandinavian style in small houses and apartments.

Comfy and relaxed living room

The appearance of this living room feels comfortable and relaxing. The sofa letter L and gray cushion make the living room look neat. In addition, textured walls provide volume and make the room look airy.

Get plants as decoration

Adding décor to a room can enhance aesthetics. Moreover, Scandinavian designs that are synonymous with natural and fresh accents certainly require decoration that is also refreshing like placing plants around the room. Choose plants that are suitable for decorating your room. Consider the size and care of the plant to have maximum design results.

Wide window for additional lighting

Making windows in a small house or narrow room is certainly handy. The presence of windows can help the room have additional lighting and also good air circulation.

Look spacious with a mirror in the bedroom

Applying bright colors and wood floors helps the bedroom feel comfortable, warm, and also airy. To make your small bedroom look spacious, you can install mirrors around the room. You can install a mirror on the wall, cabinet, or in the corner of the room.

Simple and minimalist dining room

The dining room which is in the corner of the room and one room in the living room has a minimalist design. The right arrangement and furniture that has the appropriate size of the room make the dining room not require much space. Decoration around the dining room to make it look more lively and comfortable.

Pair hidden lamp in the kitchen

The design of the kitchen in this small room looks chic and comfortable. To make it more optimal, you can install additional lights in addition to the main lights. This is so that your cooking activities are maximized with the right lighting.

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