Bungalow Muji House Design with Roof Deck | 120 Sqm 3-Bedroom

Bungalow Muji House Design with Roof Deck | 120 Sqm 3-Bedroom

HSDesain.com -- Choosing a house must be careful in designing and utilizing limited space, Muji house is a minimalist style house that is quite popular in Japan, muji designs carry many Zen values about beauty in simplicity. But different from other zen-style houses, Muji house adopts a lot of contemporary minimalist designs such as modern bungalow style combined with neutral colors with warm patterns. This combination creates a spacious feel to the house despite the limited land area. Here we will explore the Bungalow Muji House Design with Roof Deck | 120 Sqm 3-Bedroom.


The front view of the combination of muji and bungalow can be seen from the roof, which uses a sloping roof as a bungalow concept while the muji-style flat roof functions as a comfortable roof deck. To reduce the blocky and rigid impression, the exterior of this combination bungalow and muji house is usually dominated by warm patterned colors such as biege or cream, then the counter color is presented by the use of wooden doors, small gardens and cement or gravel floors to create a unique visual.

Dining & Kitchen Area

Entering the house is welcomed with an open space style that connects 3 areas such as the living area, dining table and kitchen. Like the facade of this house has a warm cream color dominance, wooden vinyl floors and walls covered with wooden wall panels. The dominance of bright white color and the selection of simple decorations make a warm bright impression so that even though the house is small it will feel spacious.

Master Bedroom

The minimalist and warm impression is also shown in the interior of this room, neutral colors combined with natural textures in the interior create a spacious room. Some of these bungalow-like interior styles are very compatible with the muji house.  The bungalow style places large glass windows in each room, creating natural light and good air circulation in the room.

Roof Deck

A good home makes good use of every corner, just like this bungalow and muji combination design, there is a spacious and comfortable roof deck. This area functions as a family gathering place for parties and special family anniversaries. Equipped with barbecue equipment and comfortable chairs, the walls are covered with wooden wall panels and warm spotlights that create a cozy and peaceful impression.

Floor Plan


This muji and bungalow combination house gives you twice the comfort, utilizing every space and decorating beautifully both of which will give you a different impression. The 1200 Sqm area features a carport, front porch and garden, open space living area, dining area & kitchen, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, toilet & bath, master bedroom, master toilet & bath, laundry and stairs to roof deck.

That's the  Bungalow Muji House Design with Roof Deck | 120 Sqm 3-Bedroom. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : ALG House Designs

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