100 sqm Modern Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedroom and Special Roof Deck

HSdesain.com -- This one-story house will attract your attention because of its beautiful appearance with white colors that you can make a design reference when building a house. This house has a modern bungalow type that you can build on an area of 100 sqm with a comfortable interior as well. For some details, check out 100 sqm Modern Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedroom and Special Roof Deck.

House facade design

The front facade has an amazing structure with very interesting details on the wall lines, curves on the sills, and a soothing monochrome color combination. Before entering the house, you will find a porch area that is great for relaxing with the right size and 3 sturdy columns in a classic style. 

In the side area, there is a spiral staircase leading to the roof deck, which can be the family's favorite outdoor relaxing area.

Living room design

After that, let's enter the house together. At the very front, there is a living room with a sofa arranged in the corner of the room with a very large window that can enjoy the view perfectly and make the impression of a spacious room. To make it less glare and more private, don't forget to add curtains with matching colors to keep it beautiful.

Dining area and kitchen design

At the back, there is a dining area and kitchen with an emerald green color that looks luxurious and elegant. The kitchen set with a U-shaped layout will also facilitate access when cooking and save space. A touch of marble pattern on the kitchen wall makes the look hard not to admire.

Bedroom design

The second bedroom also has a large area so that many furniture can be arranged neatly and make the bedroom more functional. Large windows on some walls will add a fresh impression and will provide healthy air so you can have a quality rest. The choice of colors can be adjusted to your liking, but earthy tones like this idea will provide an atmosphere that feels soothing.

Laundry area

Not only does this house have a cool front area, it is also designed to have a similar back porch. There is a laundry area with a very neatly organized cabinet. Then the rest of the space nearby can be used as a relaxing area that is more private and soothing. Give a railing that surrounds the back porch so that it remains safe to be accessed by residents of the house even though children.

That's the 100 sqm Modern Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedroom and Special Roof Deck. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Hafidza
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